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What is 3D Lenticular? 2017-03-13T14:06:15+00:00

Lenticular Printing is a technology that is prepared special images on digital area and printing on lens material. This lenticular lens is produce by thin lenticular. So it calls as lenticular printing. Images can be seeing as depth and animation helping by lenticular.

What is the minimum and maximum order quantity? 2017-08-09T10:12:52+00:00

Lenticular products divided into two parts as you see indoor|outdoor and promotional at products section. Our standard lenticular sheet size is 50×70 cm and minimum order quantity is 1000 sheets at promotional product. You can insert many design into that sheet. Also We can produce only one quantity at indoor|outdoor. Maximum order might be hounders of plate. Our standard size is 120×240 cm at outdoor. We can print even one piece for outdoor usage.

What is the cost of lenticular printing? 2016-09-04T18:46:20+00:00

We always receive a lot of mails about pricing. The best way of get price is to share you lenticular project with us. What is the quantity and which effect is desired for your project? . They are the most important topics for us. Don’t forget it, if you increase order quantity , you will get less unit price.

What is the minimum and maximum size of sheets? 2016-09-04T18:45:52+00:00

The minimum printing size is 4 cm2 at promotional products. This minimum size is necessary because of lenticular thickness. The maximum size is 50×70 cm. At outdoor|indoor minimum products size is 40×60 cm. The largest size is 120×240 cm. We can combine the plates to create bigger size than 120×240 cm.

Which kind of artwork should i prepare for 3D Lenticular? 2017-03-13T14:06:15+00:00

The easiest part of it. We only want standard high resolution images from our customer to create 3D Lenticular images. If you want to use 2 images flip effect, you should supply us 2 digital file. If you would like to use 3 images flip effect, you should supply us 3 digital file.It means each of page is different digital file for us.

This digital file might be in any photoshop format. It should be minimum 300 dpi and should be exact size as printing image. You design should be 5 cm. larger than printing size.

For more information kindly visit our lenticular design page.

How long does it take to deliver? 2016-09-04T18:44:41+00:00

It may change according to your inquiry. It is approximately 20-25 days at promotional products. For outdoor|indoor products we can supply them in one week.

Does it matter to move lenticular left to right or up to down? 2017-08-09T10:14:30+00:00

Yes. Lenticular promotional products can handle more frame up to down. So it gives better result than left to right at animation effect. It is necessary to use left to right effect at outdoor large size products. The biggest problem is animation at outdoor products.

What is the biggest difference between Hologram and Lenticular? Which one is suitable for my project? 2016-09-04T18:41:29+00:00

Lenticular and Hologram both can show depth effect. But there is no any comment point between them. Holograms usually is single color and laser must print perfectly. Laser lights holograms can show 360 degree viewing of objects. But it can’t be totally perfect all the time.

Lenticular printing is procedure of digital printing. So viewing always is perfect. But it is not able to print 360 degrees viewing of objects.

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