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What Is 3D Lenticular Printing?

3D Lenticular printing which is used to feel 3D Lenticular Effects such as depth, flip and animation from flat surface without any extra material like glass. Effects can be changeable according to position of lens. Several particular images seen from each lens. So left and right eyes able to see different particular images at the same time. These different images process in brain as a whole image. We call this effect as depth, flip and animation effects.

Actually we have to go back 1690’s to understand how create lenticular technology. Gois Clair who is French painter discovers to see 2 different images from different angle at the same canvas. He drew two different nested images at the flat surface. He tried to split this image with 90 degrees angles according to his images. After finish this process, he was successful. When he looked from right side able to see one image, and when he looked from left side able to see another different image. But the problem was when he looked center of image. He wasn’t able to see any image. He was only seeing intersection lines.

Modern Lenticular technology is started in 1930’s when produced modern lenticular lens. After 1930’s lenticular uses in different market. 3D Lenticular packaging chose most effective advertisement material at 1940. This product was Cracker Jack.

3D Lenticular designer must be creative person to create depth,flip,animation effects. Because the designer is only one who can limit himself/herself in lenticular business. Lenticular products are five times more effective than traditional advertisement techniques.

3D Lenticular is useful for all kind of advertisement with modern lenticular technology and there are a lot of different products. The world doesn’t have a lot of lenticular supplier in the world. Because it’s really sensitive and hard work. You can check our frequency asking question pages for more detail about our work.


what is 3d lenticular printing?

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