3D Lenticular Photography

3D Lenticular Photography

This article is written by Sarah Ginn.  Hello creative people there ! In this article i am going to explain you how to take suitable photos for 3D Lenticular printing. I actually work as a night club photographer.It is really fantastic job! I would like to meet power of people who enjoy in club with 3D Lenticular effect. People who put your business card in the wallet will capture your 3 dimension card rather than commercial cards. Sometimes it may be enjoyable with 3d lenticular material.If you are drunk, it will be more enjoyable for you in the clubs. You can check pictures as below;

3D Card Animation  

I only took two photograph with sequently. Especially i took photos from same position and able to get a small motion. Name of the DJ is Artwork. He was only doing his ritual job.If you have high resolution photograph machine even you don’t need tripod. If you enough pay attention to both picture , They are extremely similar photos.  Also i paid extra attention for colour contrast. People usually don’t want to see dark images flip effect.


You have to pay extra attention for colour contrast even in Photoshop. Special techniques that are applied by 3D Adworks to not allow moire effect in flip effect for any kind of picture. After that i create a new layer for both image as JPEG file in photoshop. They complete all procedure for 3D lenticular printing. Pictures will be in high resolution to able get high quality images. They give 3 dimension to my images. Also they show us gif files before start to printing. We were sure what we will get before print.

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