3D Lenticular Printing

3D Lenticular Printing

Lenticular Printing at 3D Adworks Turkey

A company that prides itself on its trained professionals and ability to help your company’s advertising campaign soar; 3D Adworks uses the latest in printing technology. Aiming to create the best in lenticular products our company uses state of the art equipment and talented graphic designers to create the most dynamic and professional lenticular images available on the market. Browse our site and learn a little about lenticular printing, the process, its history, and how it can help your advertising campaign reach new levels.

About 3D Adworks

Committed to bringing you the best lenticular print available on the market, Lenticular  uses the latest in state of the art printing technology to create lenses of all shapes and sizes. No matter the size of your project, you can be sure that 3D Adworks has the capability to create an advertisement that your company can truly be proud of. Have your own unique business logo or unique design imprinted on a variety of different items each complete with a dynamic effect.

Choose from a variety of different effects including 3d, zoom, morph, flip, or full animation and create an item that is so visually appealing that it is impossible to ignore. Lenticular will work with you and your company to create an image that is practical and too visually stunning to ignore. Specializing in long runs of 500,000 items and above, 3D Adworks has everything you need for your next big project or corporate event.

Take advantage of a lenticular company that uses state of the art equipment and graphic design knowledge to create some of the most dynamic images you’ve ever seen. Proven effective and affordable to produce, lenticular images combine the beauty of a unique design with the affordability or cost-effective advertising. Our company has everything you need for a great addition to your promotional campaign and a beautifully designed image guaranteed to get results. Minimum order of 2,500 please.

What is Lenticular Printing?

Lenticular printing is a process used to create the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional image. Aside from giving an image a more dynamic look, it can also give an image the ability to change depending on which angle it is being looked at. Lenticular printing uses small plastic tubes known as lenticuler to create what is known as a lenticular lens. The lenticular lens is what gives the image the illusion of depth, movement, or other effects.

3d lenticular depth artwork

Sample artwork of 3D depth design

Throughout the years, many different forms of lenticular printing have been used to help advertise and create party favors. As early as the 1940s, lenticular printing items showed up in places such as Cracker Jack boxes and created an item that changed its appearance depending on the angle it was viewed at. Originally used in novelty items, the world of lenticular printing has evolved far past that and is now crucial to the world of advertising. Lenticular items are now being used in large scale presentations and bulk orders of practical business items to create an advertisement unlike any other.

List of Lenticular Effects

3D Depth Effect – Simple yet effective in drawing attention, the 3D effect gives the image the illusion of depth. Commonly used in items such as CD and DVD packaging, the 3D effect blends images perfectly to create a dynamic image.

Flip Effect – As the name would suggest, the flip animation design takes two different images and combines them together to flip between. Depending on the angle which item is viewed, the image will change and flip back and forth. Also used in many display packaging, the flip image is perfect for showing change.

Morph Effect – Similar to the flip image, the morph also switches between two images. The different between morph and flip is that the change is much smoother in the morph process. Generally used to show the same object in a different light, the morph animation is another great representation of change.

Zoom Effect – Using a multi-phase animation, the zoom effect takes small images and brings it closer to the eye. Like many of the other lenticular printing motions, the transition is incredibly fluid and looks very realistic.

Full Motion Effect– Using lenticular printing, some companies have the ability to create a full animation slide that lasts about one second long. Using a variety of different images, each one is carefully interlaced and changed just enough so that fluid animation is represented.

what is 3d lenticular printing?

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