3D Lenticular Technology

3D Lenticular Technology

At 3D Adworks, we love the challenge of creating 3D Lenticular print pieces that make the most jaded of consumers stop, take a breath and think: “Wow.” Achieving this “Wow Factor” motivates our experienced and creative staff to stay on top of their games. Boran Reklam employees never have time to get complacent; they’re always studying new 3D Lenticular techniques and – just as important to our clients – taking their existing skills to a higher level.

This means they’re not only on top of the latest “Wow Factor” technology, but have a more complete mastery of industry-standard 3D lenticular printing techniques than most, if not all, of our competition.

While we offer a wide variety of lenticular printing services at 3D Adworks, the first question we hear from most new clients is “Can you print my project in 3D?” The short answer is, yes, we definitely can provide 3D lenticular services as well as a whole range of lenticular technologies, including: Multi-flip, Morph, Zoom, 2 image flip and Multi-effect with both 3D and motion. Our high-volume and low-cost manufacturing process allows us to deliver high-quantity orders in a timely manner.

Say Hello to 3D and Motion!
For us, 3D lenticular is just the beginning. Many clients tell us they want to develop a high-end print campaign with both motion and 3D and we fully get the distinction between a basic, three-dimensional image and the intriguing, almost otherworldly effect created by motion.

Under the supervision of our skillful staff, they all come together to create 3D lenticular images that make the viewer feel they’re almost “a part of the image.”

3D Lenticular Technology

And 3D Adworks can create this sought-after effect on pieces of all shapes, sizes and dimensions, including: posters, billboards, postcards, trading cards, gift cards,calendars, outdoor, in-store lenticular displays, POP displays, large format printing, retail signs, in-store signs signage, trade show signs, animated graphics, murals, as well as boxes for movies or games.

Call us today. We love to talk about our process of creating the 3D lenticular motion effect—one which achieves every client’s dream of making potential consumers slow down and really “look” at an image – even “study” it, rather than casually glancing at it and walking by.


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